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News Release
29 Jun 2008
Lightning Source recognized with industry award for excellence in book manufacturing

LONDON, ENGLAND – Lightning Source Inc., the leading provider of demand-based book manufacturing and distribution solutions, has received “The Book Print Award” at the annual Quality in PrintMedia Awards, recognizing the quality of the books manufactured by Lightning Source.

Lightning Source was presented “The Book Print Award” from First City Media, organizers of the award, which recognizes excellence, innovation and outstanding creative output throughout the print supply chain. Winners were announced at a formal ceremony on July 9th in London, England.

“The quality of the books we manufacture underpins the success of the model Lightning Source provides to publishers,” said David Taylor, President of Lightning Source. “The greatest gain to the publishing industry is the new lease on life that our innovative digital technology is giving to one of the oldest products on the planet – the printed book.”

Mr. Taylor continued, “Print on demand, powered by digital printing technology is changing much more than just the way words are placed on paper. It is changing the very way in which books are originated and sold.

“The Quality in PrintMedia Awards are a celebration not only of the well deserving award winners and the stiff competition they faced, but a testament and tribute to each company’s resolve for quality and innovation in print,” said Andy Knaggs, Editor of PrintMedia Management.

Mr. Knaggs continued, “The Book Print Award was a tough category which included some outstanding work. Our expert panel of judges commented that Lightning Source is producing very high quality books on digital presses, making short run books accessible to people and keeping a great deal of literature alive. The quality of printing and binding supplied was excellent.”

The ability of Lightning Source to print quality single-copy books and seamlessly integrate them into the book industry supply chain eliminates the need for publishers to print stock and tie up revenue. With an inventory-free management and distribution solution, there is no barrier for any publisher to actively respond to market conditions, keep more books in print, bring more books to market and do so economically.

The Quality in PrintMedia Book Print Award comes on the heels of another award bestowed to Lightning Source recognizing outstanding printing and binding production quality. Lightning Source was recently honored with a similar award from Publishers Association of the West at its 2008 Book Design Award competition for both monochrome and color books.

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