Keel Hunt
News Release
27 Jan 1999
Cambridge University Press joins with Lightning Print for print-on-demand distribution

LA VERGNE, TN -- Cambridge University Press, the world’s oldest academic publisher, has become the latest major international press to utilize Lightning Print Inc., Ingram Book’s ground-breaking new "on demand" book printing service.

Cambridge has delivered an initial 113 titles which are being entered in Lightning Print’s "digital library" for printing, binding and distribution. An additional 500 Cambridge titles are to be added by Lightning Print during the first part of 1999.

"Cambridge is at the same time very ancient and very modern," said Michael Holdsworth, Press Business Development Director for Cambridge University Press. "We already enjoy a distinguished reputation for keeping fine scholarship in print much longer than do most presses. We are delighted to be joining Lightning Print’s new initiative, which brings together publisher, printer and bookseller as true partners, making the best entrepreneurial use of digital technology to meet the needs of the markets we jointly serve."

Cambridge’s first batch of Lightning Print titles will assure the continuing availability of a cross-section of Cambridge paperbacks in history, social sciences, music and the sciences, Mr. Holdsworth said.

Larry Brewster, General Manager of Lightning Print Inc., noted that academic publishers are ideal candidates for the Lightning Print’s new high-speed process. Still in its first year of operation, Lightning Print has signed on over 180 publishers.

"We are very pleased to be of service to Cambridge University Press. They have published some of the world’s most important scholarly literature, and it’s important for the world to have access to these valuable works into the future," Mr. Brewster said. "Today’s technology -- combined with Ingram’s distribution channels to booksellers -- makes that possible."

Cambridge University Press is the printing and publishing house of the University of Cambridge. Founded by Royal Charter of Henry VIII in 1534, the world’s oldest press is today one of the world’s largest, producing more than 2,000 titles a year in print and electronic form, and 150 scholarly journals, most now available on-line. The Press is an international publisher, with publishing offices in Cambridge, New York, Stanford, Melbourne, Madrid, Cape Town and Singapore. It draws its authors from more than 100 countries, and distributes its books to almost every country in the world.

Lightning Print Inc., a subsidiary of Ingram Book Group, began its pilot production phase in early 1998 and declared the pilot a "resounding success" in May. Publishers have reported that the new, high-speed service is helping them answer the needs of a variety of customers, including booksellers, librarians and educators.

The publishers continue to own the rights to book titles printed for them by Lightning Print. In the Lightning Print process, books are stored in a digital library and literally printed each book one at a time, as orders are received. This "one off" service allows more books to remain in print, providing more titles to the consumer and additional revenue streams to the publisher, bookseller and author.

Lightning Print Inc. formed a strategic alliance with IBM Printing Systems Co. and Danka Services International, Inc. for world-class print technology. IBM delivers the print on demand technology, and Danka runs the printing operation.

In November, Lightning Print Inc. received the prestigious "Innovator of the Year" award from Xplor International, the electronic document systems association, for the innovative use of technology in on demand printing. The award honors a company, individual or an organization that has made a significant achievement in the electronic document systems industry during the past year.

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