The Espresso Book Machine Channel

Expand your back-list. Reach a vastly wider audience. Increase profit margins by eliminating delivery costs and returns. Ensure in-stock availability at all times, anywhere.

The Fastest Book Channel Ever

The Espresso Book Machine® is the latest pioneering distribution channel to join the Lightning Source™ family of publisher-to-market pathways. With this revolutionary process, titles in our digital library can be printed, bound, and delivered at point of sale, on demand, in minutes.

Watch the Espresso Book Machine in action:

Direct to Consumer

The frustrations a customer experiences with books being of out-of-stock, out-of-print, and delayed by delivery are eliminated. Readers are getting exactly what they want, when they want it, and publishers never miss a sale.

Worldwide Expansion

The compact size of the Espresso Book Machine® 2.0 (3.8 feet wide by 2.7 feet deep by 4.5 feet high) dramatically expands the opportunity to place machines in a variety of retail and library environments worldwide. More sites mean more opportunities for selling your books.

Reach regional localized markets. Streamline the import and export of books by avoiding costly fees and tariffs that are typically incurred when shipping physical copies internationally.


Higher profit margins, greater unit sales, no more returns and reduced back-list inventories.

Sign Up Today

Publishers interested in placing their titles into this new innovative distribution channel can contact their Lightning Source sales representative and sign up today. A simple addendum is needed in order to participate.

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To learn more about the Espresso Book Machine®, contact your sales representative or click the Contact Us link at the bottom of this page.