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News Release
20 Oct 2008
PublicAffairs turns to Lightning Source for speed in getting the timely George Soros book on financial markets to booksellers

LAVERGNE, TENNESSEE – To help meet the demand of orders for the timely George Soros break-out title The New Paradigm for Financial Markets (ISBN 978-1-58648-683-9), PublicAffairs, a member of the Perseus Books Group, has again called upon Lightning Source Inc. and its innovative print-on-demand technology and fulfillment solutions.

A New York Times best seller, the Soros book was originally released in April this year. The current global economic crisis and an appearance by the author on the PBS show BiIl Moyers Journal, created an extraordinary spike in orders. The Lightning Source team worked with PublicAffairs to digitize the title in a matter of hours and manufacture 2,000 copies of the book to supplement offset print runs.

“PublicAffairs and Lightning Source share a commitment to meeting consumer demand using innovation and energy in a high-speed turnaround,” said Susan Weinberg, Publisher of PublicAffairs. “Having books where and when we need them is essential to that goal and Lightning Source is our proven partner.”

John Ingram, Chairman of the Ingram content companies, said the rapid manufacture and fulfillment on the Soros title was another excellent demonstration of the value that Lightning Source brings to publishers.

“Peter Osnos and I spoke about this break-through title on Monday, and by Wednesday thousands of copies of this title were printed and being shipped to retailers,” Mr. Ingram said.

David Taylor, President of Lightning Source, noted that the successful deployment of the Soros title also demonstrates the wisdom of publishers who place their titles with Lightning Source, so that special demands can be met with maximum efficiency.

“This is a prime example of print on demand at its best,” Mr. Taylor said. “We want to encourage all publishers to have their titles set up as a POD option as soon as they publish a book to cover these sorts of scenarios. We can then be even faster in getting the title into the market and make sure that even more people can buy the book that they want when they want it."

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