Our Process

The bigger solution for your business...
is a smaller, better integrated process that
simplifies and accelerates the steps separating book and buyer.

Enter our digital warehouse

Currently housing 6,000,000 titles with instant access to each one, our digital warehouse is a technological wonder. Instead of filling your warehouse and flooding the marketplace with books that may never sell, we print only what is needed to meet your current demand-whether that's a single book or 10,000. And you'll profit from every sale.

Once an order is placed, we have all the electronic data necessary to print and deliver the book to its intended destination. The distance between book-maker and book-reader has never been shorter. Instead of worrying about logistics and inventory management, you simply deposit checks for books that have been sold in the month.

On a typical day, we add 500 titles to our digital warehouse, manufacture more than 50,000 books, and fulfill 27,000 orders.