Don't just take our word for it...

"Our success with Lightning Source as a print-on-demand provider, together with their digital fulfillment and eBook enabling services, makes our partnership with them an important one for both Simon & Schuster and our authors.  With the support they provide, we are making a wider array of titles available in a way that gives consumers the choice, selection and reading experience that are keys to growth in this arena."

Jack Romanos
President and Chief Operating Officer, Simon & Schuster

"The print-on-demand capabilities of Lightning have been a resounding success for both Zondervan Publishing House and Zondervan authors. We have successfully brought back into print academic and reference titles, and have been able to keep general trade titles in print that would have otherwise gone out of print...and all this in a profitable manner."

Stan Gundry
Vice President and Editor-in-Chief, Zondervan Publishing House

"Lightning Source is very competitive in price, and their distribution system is the most efficient available. The combination of Lightning Source POD technology and one stop, direct distribution make it possible for us to keep titles in print that we couldn't normally justify warehousing."

Tony Sanfilippo
Marketing & Sales Manager, Penn State University Press

"Our relationship with Lightning Source has consistently yielded significant revenues on sales we wouldn't have realized without Lightning's cost effective package of POD services."

Jonathan Weiss
SVP, Director of Business Development, Oxford University Press

"Our customers sent a clear message through the success of our early eBook efforts--they want to read more electronic books.  Lightning's proven track record in the industry for the quick, easy delivery of a broad selection of electronic titles made them the clear choice to help us expand this side of our business, respond to the demands of consumers, and maintain our industry leadership."

Michael Powe
Owner, Powell's Books

"We use print-on-demand technology to keep slower-moving backlist in print, but also to open up new textbook markets. A new revenue stream has been created through our association with Lightning Source."

Lynn Werts
Associate Director & Prepress Manager, University Press of Florida

"Thanks to LSI's POD program we have been able to offer our customers an additional 250 books in print over the past two years. We are able to submit POD orders via EDI for drop shipment in a manner that is seamless and invisible to our customers. LSI POD has been a real plus for the Texas A&M Press Consortium."

Sharon Pavlas-Mills
Business Operations Manager, Texas A&M University Press

"Lightning has proven to be an important strategic partner, and their relationship with Ingram has been key in realizing actual sales of print-on-demand titles. Looking forward, it's clear that Lightning will help shape the future of integrated digital distribution."

Tim Cooper
Vice President of Strategic Operations, Harcourt Trade Publishers

"Lightning is enormously helpful to us in fulfilling our role as a publisher of academic books. Now we can experiment with much smaller printings and stretch out the life cycle of these valuable books. We've also saved money by doing conservative, conventional print runs, knowing that the options Lightning provides exist for us."

Marlie Wasserman
Director, Rutgers University Press

"The first edition of my book, Friendshifts®: The Power of Friendship and How It Shapes Our Lives (Hannacroix Creek Books) was completely sold out when I was asked to appear on Oprah® as a friendship expert. Fortunately, the 2nd revised edition was ready to go as a digital file at Lightning. When the show aired just two days later, Lightning came to the rescue and fulfilled the overwhelming demand for books that Oprah® appearance generated."

Dr. Jan Yager
Sociologist & Author