How to Set Up Your Titles at Lightning Source

Step 1

Please log into with the login and password you selected at the time your account was activated.

Step 2

You will arrive at

Step 3 Note

If you want your title sold through Ingram, Amazon, Baker & Taylor et al, you will select Full Distribution Services. If you do not want your title sold via these options, you will select Short Run Only. Once you’ve made your selection, click

Step 3

Select the My Library header at the top of the page and select Setup a New Title from the drop down menu that appears. You will be taken to a screen that will ask you to select which option you want.


Step 4 Note

You will notice that several of the words are underlined. If you place your cursor over the word, the link changes color from black to red. Selecting the link will display help text that will explain in greater detail what information is required.


Step 4 Note #2

Lightning Source now requires you to enter a subject code for all distribution titles. This enables retailers to properly classify your book. To select from the master list of subjects, click on the red “Find subjects” link. You will be taken to a screen that will allow you to enter a portion of the subject code or description. From your entry you will be given a list of codes to choose from. Once you have selected the proper Subject Code, the website will automatically fill that box for you and return you to the title set up process.

Step 4

The first page of metadata information required for New Title Setup is General Information, e.g., imprint, ISBN, title, and contributor. Enter the information into all the required fields (with a Red Check beside them) and click


Step 5 Note

If you do not see an option for UK pricing, you do not have a valid UK POD contract on file with Lightning Source. If you want your title available for distribution in the UK, please download the appropriate contract under the My Account header, Operating Manual and Contract Documents and fax to 615-213-4426.

Step 5

The next page is Print on Demand General Information, where you enter the returnable status, bind type, publication date, page count, etc. Under Market Pricing, you will select either US, UK, or both. When you select the country in which you want the book printed, you are setting the market rights. There are no other rights questions or requirements in setting up a title.


Once you’ve completed all the required fields, click

Step 6

The final page of the metadata requirements is Content Submission methods. Click in the box beside both text and cover and select in the Media box how you will be supplying your materials to us, e.g., hard copy (books to be scanned), CD, zip
disk, or file upload. If you want your original materials returned to you, please indicate as such in the boxes provided.

Step 7 Note

You will be asked to finalize the proof order at the very end of the set up process. If you close the Review box before submitting the order, you can always access the link on your “My Account at a Glance” page.

Step 7

Select whether or not you want to receive a proof. (see above example) This is a required field, so you must enter either yes or no. If you select yes, the fee is $30 for a paperback and $35 for a hardcover book. The fee includes the cost of
overnight shipping, the only available shipping option.

Step 8 Note

Titles listed in a white box mean you either have an error in the metadata or incomplete metadata.

Step 8

Once you have entered all the required information, you will be taken to the
Titles Not Yet Submitted (Work in Progress) page. If everything is correct on the metadata, the title will be listed in a yellow box. Select “submit” from the drop down menu and click

Step 9 Note

If you disagree with the charges or have any questions before you finalize the submission process, please click

This will allow you to go back to any of the set up information and make any necessary changes.

Step 9

Once you click Go, you will be taken to the Review Title Action page, where you will be asked to verify the set up charges.

If everything appears to be correct, please click

Step 10 Note

If you select “file upload” as the method of submission, the title will not be visible in our system until the files are actually uploaded to us. However, you can place orders against the title at any time after the submission process.

Step 10

Depending on the submission methods you selected at Step 6, you will be provided with various links. If you are sending us a hard copy book, a CD, or a zip disk please click on the “print packing list” link and include that page with your materials. If you have selected “file upload” for either the text or the cover submission, you will see a link for uploading cover or interior files. Clicking on the title takes you directly to the upload directory. Clicking the “email link” option allows you to email that upload directory to the individual who will be uploading the required files.